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December 2021 At the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, on 12-13 December 2021, EU Fisheries Ministers met to finalise 2022 TACS and quotas exclusively managed by the EU for the Atlantic and North Sea and for stocks shared with Norway bilaterally and with Norway and the United Kingdom trilaterally, following an agreement reached in mid-December. The Council followed the Commission's recommendations and set 10 TACs in line with MSY advice. For cod in Kattegat, the Council has agreed on a package of measures with a limit of 97 tonnes for unavoidable catches taken in other fisheries. In the Bay of Biscay, the Council has agreed to the reopening of the Norway lobster fishery and to a cut of -36% for sole. In the Iberian waters, the megrim TAC will be raised by 13%, the anglerfish TAC by 5% and the horse mackerel TAC by 12%. On the stocks shared between the EU, Norway and the United Kingdom, 15 out of 18 TACs have been set in line with MSY. .

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