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About MegaPesca

MegaPesca the Company
MegaPesca is a world leader in improving the availability and quality of the global food supply, providing expert consultancy services for fisheries and for food production, processing, handling and marketing. In fisheries, the company's expertise covers the entire spectrum of disciplines related to the economic exploitation of aquatic resources, from coastal zone management, species conservation and aquaculture, to product quality, added-value processing and international trade. At the same time, the company also specialises in the processing and marketing of other foods and is at the vanguard in quality assurance systems and technologies. Founded in 1993 and based in Portugal, MegaPesca has earned and enjoys an enviable reputation among its clients and throughout the fisheries and food industries. oyun oyna sikis izle sikis izle dizi izle penis büyütme sir hunter sex shop sikis izle The MegaPesca Approach
MegaPesca's success is due much to its "hands-on" approach. Clients have concrete, not theoretical needs, and the company's strength lies in its ability to apply appropriate technologies in real contexts. The company's directors and associate consultants hold an array of qualifications and are recognised authorities in their fields. However, it is their practical knowledge based on first-hand experience with harvesting, processing, packaging, and marketing that enables them to offer sound, pragmatic advice and to produce measurable, sustainable results. Whether advising a large company on better use of its processing resources, or conducting training aimed at institutional strengthening in a developing country, Megapesca's theoretical and practical expertise, in concert with its international experience, has proven a productive combination.

MegaPesca Specialisations
MegaPesca has extensive experience in the application and transfer of fisheries and food production technologies in countries all over the world.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Fish and food processing
  • Legal Services
  • Marine Mammal Observer Services
  • Quality control and quality assessment for the fish and food industries
  • Food safety regulations and inspection systems
  • Fisheries Legislation
  • Marketing
  • Food safety and quality assurance systems
  • Training in food quality assurance
  • Fisheries resource management and economics
  • Design and layout of fishing ports and markets for first sale
  • Design and specification of processing factories
  • International trade and regulations
  • Marine environmental protection, coastal management and species conservation

MegaPesca Personnel
With a combination of professional qualifications and practical experience, MegaPesca personnel provide a cutting-edge technical resource in a wide range of specialities associated with fisheries and food processing, handling, and marketing. We work with a network of respected and experienced associate consultants around the world, with a wide range of technical skills, professional background and language abilities. Company directors and associate consultants are members of the following professional organisations:

  • Institute of Food Science and Technology
  • European Federation of Food Science and Technology
  • European Food Law Association
  • International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Commerce
  • International Association of Fish Inspectors
  • Portuguese Quality Association

Learn more about MegaPesca´s key personnel.

Copyright © 2005 MegaPesca Lda. Portugal
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