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About MegaPesca FishFiles
The most important e-Service available for decision makers in food and fisheries policy and development.

FishFiles is a monthly email information service on EU fisheries and food issues, based on the Official Journal of the European Communities and other sources of EU information.

There are two versions of FishFiles:

FishFiles Professional is our premium service, providing:

  • End of the month email listing of all relevant items published by the EU, including Common Fisheries Policy and fish hygiene and trade issues
  • Brief analysis and summary of each item by MegaPesca´s in house experts, highlighting the implications for fisheries professionals
  • Direct click through access to items of interest
  • Full site keyword search and access facility, covering all FishFiles items since July 2001, plus all other site materials including key EU food and fisheries legislation.

Online annual subscription is only US$149.

Need more information and examples?

Subscribe to FishFiles Professional online, by fax or by email.

FishFiles Lite is a free monthly newsletter covering the same subjects as the Professional versions, but in the form of a brief and informal summary of the key development in the previous month.

View the latest issue here.

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