Updated August 2008
Subject File Title
System of approval for registration, controls on import, and production of pharmacologically active substances used for the veterinary treatment of animals which are used for human food
EEC No 2377 1990 26 June 1990.tif

Council Regulation 2377/90 laying down a Community procedure for the establishment of maximum residue limits of veterinary medicinal products in foodstuffs of animal origin
Compete list of amendments to the Annexes I to IV of Regulation 2377/90
Maximum Residue Limits.htm

Sets out lists of approved and non-approved pharmacologically active compounds authorized for use
Consolidated annexes

Official Consolidated Reg No. 2377 90.pdf

Official consolidated version of Council Regulation (EEC) N 2377/90, including annexes I to V, updated up to 11 May 2005
Unofficial consolidated Annexes I to IV Reg No. 2377 90.pdf

Unofficial consolidated version of the Annexes I to IV of Council Regulation (EEC) N 2377/90 Updated up to 12.10.2005 Note that the European Commission states "This document is not an official version and is only intended for use as a search tool. No liability for its content is assumed. In case of doubt, consult the Official Journal".
Establishes aquaculture residue controls and residue monitoring programmes
Directive 96 23 EC 29 April 1996.tif

Council Directive 96/23/EC of 29 April 1996 on measures to monitor certain substances and residues thereof in live animals and animal products which defines sampling requirements and tests to be undertaken in respect of aquaculture animals.
Prohibition of use of stilbenes and thyrostats, and limitation of use of steroid hormones and beta-agonists

Directive 96 22 EC 29 April 1996.tif

Council Directive 96/22/EC of 29 April 1996 concerning the prohibition on the use in stockfarming of certain substances having a hormonal or thyrostatic action and of beta-agonists and
Directive 2003 74 EC 22 September 2003.pdf
DIRECTIVE 2003/74/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 22 September 2003 amending Council Directive 96/22/EC concerning the prohibition on the use in stockfarming of certain substances having a hormonal or thyrostatic action and of beta-agonists

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