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Free Resources - Technical Materials and Reports
Our objective is to provide up to date technical resources for people working in food and fisheries research and development. Some documents are available for download in PDF format (download Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge).

EU-wide fisheries dependency study
A year 2000 socio-economic review of the EU fisheries sector including an overview, regional dependency profiles, maps and a SWOT analysis.

Review of markets for Nile perch from East Africa
A report on the Nile perch fishery based on Lake Victoria.

Latvia fisheries potential
A report on the Latvian fisheries industry, and how it is responding to a market economy.

The Collected Wisdom of Peter Howgate
Those of us fortunate enough to work with Peter have not only gained the benefits of his extensive technical knowledge, but we have also learnt by his example to share that knowledge for the benefit of all. Here is a small collection of his most informative postings to the Seafood discussion list.

Refrigerated transport of frozen tuna
An in depth report on the transportation of refrigerated tuna.

Current issues in fisheries development
A review of current issues in fisheries development including resource management, utilisation of small pelagic fish, post-harvest losses and health conditions and international trade.

Egypt's aquaculture success
Egypt is Africa's aquaculture success story, with over 340 thousand tonnes produced in 2000, supplying the Middle East's largest market. But marine aquaculture hasn't taken off yet, despite good production conditions. This report charts the development of Egyptian aquaculture and identifies some of the constraints which need to be addressed to repeat the success with mariculture. PDF format, 217KB.

25 poor countries depend on fish trade in the year 2000
This analysis of fish exports from 77 poorer countries identifies those which are dependent on this activity, and compares this list with permitted suppliers to the EU market. EU hygiene requirements are outlined along with some of the problems experienced in meeting them in less developed regions. PDF format, 88KB.

Review of Bulgaria's fishery sector
Although not of national strategic importance, fishing, aquaculture and processing provides a high proportion of jobs in many regions of Bulgaria. This report reviews the production and trade in fishery products, and assesses employment impact. For the first time the employment impact of the Rapana (seasnail) fishery is assessed. PDF format, 232KB.

Refrigerated transport of frozen tuna
An in depth report on the transportation of refrigerated tuna. PDF format, 43KB.

Study on the Problem of Discards in Fisheries
The report covers the reasons for discarding, presents a discard index for different European fisheries and investigates the implications of different policies, including changes to the regulations, discards bans and technical measures. PDF format, 1,115KB.

Food Safety Regulations
Legal issues are at the centre of international trade in fishery products. This report considers how developments in in the EU and USA are likely to affect exports. PDF format, 24KB.

Contract for trade in fishery products
This report looks at the contract for trade in fishery products, and considers how quality descriptions can be used to protect both buyers and sellers. PDF format, 25KB.

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