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Fisheries and Technical Sources:
@tuna- Gateway to the Global Tuna Business
Tuna portal and business-to-business e-commerce site. Site includes daily tuna market news.

DGXIV - Pêche
Directorate General for Fisheries of the European Commission.

European Commission - Agricultural web site
Directorate General for Agriculture of the European Commission.

FDA - CFSAN (Centre for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition)
Details on US Food and Drug Administration programmes for seafood from the CFSAN.

FIS (Fish Information Service)
For prices and market news - and a useful directory of input suppliers to the fish industry.

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
Good resource on global issues in food and fisheries.

Food and Drug Administration
US Food and Drugs Administration for current US regulations on food safety and requirements for imported products.

ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas Fisheries)
An excellent example of management of a migratory fishery resource in international waters.

Marine Stewardship Council
Dedicated to using market pressure to introduce responsible fishing.

Official information on EU fishery sector - supported by DG Fisheries of the European Commission.

World Health Organisation of the UN - Food Safety Programme
Excellent resources on global food safety issues.


HACCP Links:
A recent article published by the Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology reviewed seafood HACCP information on the internet. The authors identified around 30 sites where first-rate information was available, including information on hazards, how to apply HACCP, regulatory aspects and inspection procedures.

US Code Title 21- Food and Drugs
Includes direct link to the 21 USC Chapter 9 - Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

AFSIC Aquaculture Resources - NAL USDA
Aquaculture related websites and links.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
A comprehensive site including the Canadian Fish Inspection Act and Canadian Inspection Regulations, Quality Management Programmes (QMP), and downloadable Generic QMP Plans. The site also includes import alerts and US export listings.

CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) Australia
The CSIRO official site for the food processing, meat, dairy and aquaculture divisions.

CSIRO Aquaculture Introduction
Specific information from the CSIRO on aquaculture and marine research.

Danish Institute for Fisheries Research
Includes information on seafood product quality, safety and hygiene.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans - Canada
A good source of Canadian fisheries statistics.

Europa - European Union Policy
For information on the production and marketing of fish and fishery products.

Fish Health in the Chesapeake Bay - Pfiesteria piscicida
Information on fish health issues and pfiesteria.

FDA - Food and Drug Administration
The official website of the FDA.

FDA - Centre for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
A good source of seafood HACCP and safety information.

FDA - Office of Regulatory Affairs
Directly links to the FDA compliance policy guides and regulatory procedures manual.

Links to the HACCP computerised management system.

HACCP Manual - Food Safety Canada
The Canadian food safety enhancement programme HACCP implementation manual. The site include generic models.

HACCP Compliance Specialists - Goodtimes, Inc.
A commercial site offering for sale HACCP Plans and SSOP Procedures.

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Inc.
Includes information on the teaching and research of the aquaculture of fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

Indian Seafood
A commercial site from Cochin, India. Includes information on export regulations and companies listed for export to the US and EU.

Provides marketing and technical information to the Asian-Pacific seafood industry. Includes links to The Fish Inspector and InfoFish International.

National Food Safety Database
Food safety information in a searchable format.

National Sea Grant Depository
The site includes a searchable Sea Grant database, Sea Grant links, video collections and a link to the HACCP digital library.

National Sea Grant Office
Links to the home page of the National Sea Grant Program website.

NOAA Fisheries - National Marine Fisheries Service
A general resource site with links to a variety of fisheries issues.

Pfiesteria - North Carolina State University
Includes information on the impact of Pfiesteria on aquatic and human health.

Gaziantep Web Tasarim
Good Web Develepond Performance.

A good overall resource with links to the Seafood HACCP Alliance, UC Davis Seafood Information, and the IFT Seafood Technology Division.

SeafoodNIC Compendium of Fish and Fishery Product Processing Methods, Hazards and Controls
A direct link to the National Seafood HACCP Alliance for Training and Education.

SeafoodNIC HACCP Plans
A direct link to UC Davis Seafood Information Generic HACCP Plans.

TechniCAL, Inc.
A commercial site offering HACCP plan development and verification services.

VTT Biotechnology and Food Research
A Finnish site with a searchable database including information on food technology and microbiology and safety.

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