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Ian Goulding qualified as an Environmental Health Officer in 1978, and worked for 4 years in food safety enforcement at district level. He took a Masters in Food Science in 1979, and obtained his PhD in 1983, whilst working as QC and technical manager in a processing establishment for farmed trout and salmon in Scotland. He designed and implemented QC systems for new products for sale in the company's main retail customer, Marks and Spencer. After a period of lecturing, he spent 2 years in Ecuador, assisting the Competent Authority to develop new codes of practice and inspection systems, to meet the health requirements of the USA, particularly with respect to farmed shrimp and canned tuna. He spent 4 years in Egypt, developing a fish technology training and research centre at Alexandria University and he founded food and fisheries consultants MegaPesca in 1993. Since that time he has participated in numerous technical assistance and research projects involving food and fisheries issues in more than 40 countries. He has attended numerous cargo claims involving rejected fishery products, and has advised on cause and quantum of damage, both on the spot and as an expert witness. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology, and holds membership of the European Food Law Association and the International Association of Fish Inspectors.
Rowena Frobisher Goulding qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1980 and as Psychiatric Specialist Nurse in 1981. She worked for nearly 10 years in the UK National Health Service, her final post with the NHS as a Nursing Sister saw her in charge of 50 patients and 20 staff. In 1986 she joined her husband in Ecuador were he was working on an ODA Fisheries Project, and she was involved in setting up and running a TB clinic in the Guayaquil slums as well as raising funds to build a small hospital there- a task she completed before her departure in 1988. From 1988 1992 she lived in Alexandria, Egypt were she set up a children's nursery school, advised on the design and equipping of a clinic for the poor in Alexandria, was the secretary for the British School Board and treasurer of the British Club. In 1993 she organised the registration and setting up of MegaPesca Lda in Portugal. Since 1993 she has managed the MegaPesca office on a day to day basis, particularly with regard to the MegaPesca finances, negotiation of contracts, consultants travel and accommodation requirements, data searches, organisation of and accompanying study tours in the UK and Portugal and organisation of all office administration. Rowena has four children and a regularly absent husband!

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